Dr. Diane Waryold

Dr. Diane M. Waryold is a Professor and Program Director in the Student Affairs Administration graduate preparation program. She is in her 16th year of teaching at ASU. Waryold prides herself in identifying as a first-generation college student and a native New Yorker. Her research interests are in the areas of student conduct practices, international education, and the impact of technology consumption by college aged students.

• Prior to her current position, Waryold served as executive director of the Center for Academic Integrity and Program Administrator for the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.
• She was an accomplished student affairs administrator for 20 plus years before moving into the professoriate role at ASU.
• She is a founding and charter member of the Association for Student Judicial Affairs (ASJA, now ASCA), and served as president in 1995.
• Dr. Waryold has presented programs, published, and consulted on campus student conduct, sexual misconduct, campus safety and campus policing, and academic integrity throughout the country.
• Outside of her university work, Waryold actively volunteers with Disaster Services for the American Red Cross.


• Doctor of Education - Educational Leadership in Higher Education, Florida State University, Fl. (1991)
• Master of Education - Counselor Education, Student Personnel in Higher Education, University of Florida, Fl. (1985)
• Bachelor in Science in Education, State University College of Cortland, NY (1982)
• Associate in Applied Science, State University of NY Delhi, NY (1979)


HPC 6534 Crisis & Emergency Management in Higher Education
HPC 5340 Research in Student Affairs Practice
HPC 6330 Assessment and Program Evaluation in Student Affairs
HPC 5790 Group Methods and Processes
HPC 5380 College Students and their Environments
HPC 5460 Professional Practice in Student Affairs
HPC 5536 Comparative Historical Perspectives on College Student Support Services (UK/US)
HPC 6900 Internship in College Student Affairs
HPC 5534 Advanced Professional Practice in College Student Affairs
HPC 5900 Practicum in College Student Affairs
HPC 5440 Student Affairs and the Great Outdoors
HPC 5532 College Teaching- Life and Career Planning
HPC 5752 Legal and Ethical Issues in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
HPC 5900 Practicum in Counseling
HPC 5110 Multicultural Counseling (Service Learning course distinction)
HPC 5140 Psychological and Educational Testing
HPC 6534 Social Justice in the college context- Summer Institute
HPC 6534- Student Activism and Crisis Management- Summer Institute

Select Referred Publications

Books and Book Chapters

Waryold, D.M and Lancaster, J. M. (Eds.) (2019). Student conduct practice: The complete guide for Student Affairs professionals. 2nd Edition. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publications. 

Waryold, D.M and McCluskey-Titus, P., & Miller, M.A. (2018). Technology Consumption: Implications on Teaching and Learning. In A. Ahmet and M.Z. Ashlock (Eds.), Millennial Culture and Communication Pedagogies: Narratives from the Classroom and Higher Education.

Waryold, D. M. & Lancaster, J. M. (Eds.) (2013). The State of Student Conduct -Current Forces and Future Challenges: Revisited. ASCA Publications.

Waryold, D.M. (2013). The Student Conduct Administrator. In D. M. Waryold & J. M. Lancaster, (Eds.). The State of Student Conduct -Current Forces and Future Challenges: Revisited. ASCA Publications

Journal Articles

Shows, D.G, Albinsson, P.A, Ruseva, T. and Waryold, D.M. (2018), "The Impact of Technology on Attention and Fatigue in College Age Students," Atlantic Marketing Journal, 7(1) – Article 1, 1-22. Available at: https://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/amj/vol7/iss1/1

Waryold, D.M. and Schreiber, P.J. (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009). Discussion questions published for each article within the Journal of College and University Housing.

Select Referred Presentations

National and International

Waryold, D.M. & Lewis, B. (2018). Crisis Management on campus- a discussion from the lens of UK and US perspectives. AMOSSHE conference. Liverpool, England.

Waryold, D. M. & Baldizan, E. (2014). Revealing reflections: There's no battery in this tree. National Association Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) International Conference. Baltimore, MD.

Waryold, D.M. & Lancaster, J.M. (2013). The good, bad and ugly of student conduct administration: Tips on working wisely. Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference. Burlington, VT.

Lancaster, J.M., Waryold, D.M. & Terrell, R. (2013). Purloining faculty intellectual property: CourseHero, Sparknotes, Cramster, and the general problem of using student codes of conduct to enforce institutional copyright policies. Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference. Burlington, VT.

Ericson, B., Lancaster, J.M., Waryold, D.M. (2013). Pursuing a doctoral degree v. a law degree? Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA). St. Petersburg, FL.

Giacomini, N, Dublon, F., Waryold, D.M. and ASCA/JA Past Presidents. (2013).
Revisiting Our history and reimagining the future of student conduct practice. Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA). St. Petersburg, FL.

Waryold, D.M., Lancaster, J.M. and chapter authors. (2013). Monograph Authors' Discussion Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA). St. Petersburg, FL.

Waryold, D.M. (2012). SOLE (Student Outdoor Learning Expeditions): What are the learning take-aways? Association of Outdoor Recreation Education (AORE). Snowbird, UT.

Waryold, D. M., Vandergon, J., Havice, P & Walker, K. (2012). Igniting Change in Student Affairs: An International Perspective. National Association Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). Phoenix, AZ

Waryold, D.M. (2012). The impact of international education abroad ASU SOLE expeditions on greening behaviors. Coalition for Education in the Outdoors- Research Symposium. Poster presentation. Martinsville, IN.


Waryold, D.M., Patterson, R., Thruston, K., Wickert, C. (2017). The impact of education abroad: Benefits to students as global nationals. SACSA/NASPA Region III. Chattanooga, TN.

Waryold, D.M. (2016). Resilience and Student Success: The Fine Line Between Too Much and Too Little Student Support. SACSA/NASPA Region III. JAX, FL.

Albinsson, P, Shows, D., Waryold, D., & Ruseva, T. (2016). The restorative effects of unplugged leisure time. Appalachian Research Business Symposium. Best Paper in Marketing Education Award and Best Conference Paper. Richmond, KY.

Waryold, D.M. (2015). Hyper-connectivity & Screen Time: Finding the Balance in a World Full of Alluring Distractions. SEAHO. Mobile, AL.

Ducker, T., McCluskey-Titus, P., Waryold, D. M. Bardill-Moscaritolo, L., Johnson, R., & Zychowski-Ashlock, M. (2014). SACSA LEGEND: Dr. Hardee-Triple Crown Professor. SACSA/NASPA Region III. Louisville, KY.

Waryold, D.M., Albinsson, P., Shows, D., & Ruseva, T. (2013). Last Student in the Woods: The Restorative Impact of Unplugging and Getting Outdoors. Poster. SACSA/NASPA Region III. Norfolk, VA.

Cawthon, T., Havice, P, Waryold, D.M. (2013). International initiatives in graduate preparation programs in the region. SACSA/NASPA Region III. Norfolk, VA.


Waryold, D. M (2018). Appalachian State University Faculty International Travel Matching Grant (OIED). Grant to attend and present at AMOSSHE in Liverpool, England. Funded. $1500

Waryold, D.M. (2015). Student Support Services in the United Kingdom: An assessment of structure and practices - Phase 2. Appalachian State University Faculty International Travel Matching Grant. Funded. $1500

Waryold, D.M. & Lancaster, J.M. (2012). iPad teaching and learning enhancement grant. Internal grant from ASU RCOE to secure iPads for faculty and students for use with HPC 5536- UK course. Funded: 14 iPads (= approximately $8300).

Professional Engagement/Service

Southern Association for College Student Affairs-
• SACSA Foundation Board, 2015-present
• Journal of College and Character- Editorial Review Board- Reviewer, 2006- present
Association for Student Judicial Affairs (ASJA), now ASCA –
• charter and founding member;
• Institute Director, Donald D. Gehring Campus Conduct Administrators Academy (Training Institute), 1997 and 1998 Institute Faculty- 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. Developed the competency- based model utilized as the basis of the curriculum for this Institute. Faculty coordinator for the curriculum for the basic track 2007 and 2008.
• Past President and executive board member, 1996-1997;
• President, 1995-1996
• President-Elect and executive board member, 1994-1995
• Local Arrangements Coordinator for 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 national conferences


• 2015 SEAHO Scholar in Residence, Mobile, AL
• 2013 ASCA Lifetime Membership Award
• 2009 NCCPA Distinguished Scholar Award
• ASU Faculty Women of Influence Award - March, 2008
• ASU Service Learning Faculty Fellow 2007
• The Don Gehring Award - ASJA, 1993

Hobbies & Interests

• Reading
• Taking to the road in her vintage camper
• Outdoor activities- camping, hiking/hillwalking, sea kayaking, cycling, snow shoeing
• Spending time with family and friends and her rescued canine - Cricket the whippet


Title: Professor, Student Affairs Administration Program Director
Department: Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Student Affairs Administration Program

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-6067

Office address
334B College of Education
Boone, NC 28608-2037